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      It is snowing here, but my American Flag is flying.

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      Oh gosh, I forgot.

      I got a flag put away flown over the Missouri, BB63

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      This day is doubly special for me.

      32 years ago today the most wonderful woman in the world exchanged vows with me! I don’t know what possessed her but we have had a wonderful ride so far.

      I am fairly certain she chose this day so that I wouldn’t forget.

      Also, my son returned today from his deployment to Puerto Rico.

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      My mom’s parents and aunt were there .
      My grandfather did his Navy hitch 36-38 and went to work for Civil Service after words . Jumping at the offer to go to Hawaii in June of 41′
      My Grandmother joined him there in November .
      My Great Aunt was a flight attendant for Pan Am based in Honolulu . At that time it was required that a flight attendant be an RN .

      Grampa was out for his morning smoke walk , really to check out the surf he loved to fish , pausing at a palm tree to really enjoy his Lucky he thought ,” the Army sure is up early for a Sunday ……. Awe …. Those ain’t ours …. What the ….BOOM .
      Grandmother was sleeping in a bit before church but was very soon in the inside wall closet wrapped up with the mattress pillows and blankets not knowing what else to do . She was just barely 20 raised in Nashville …….
      My great Aunt very shortly ,dressed in her night clothes with a tea towel was running a triage in her apartment living room .
      She and Grampa would spent the next week doing the same thing the GIs were at Pearl and in the Hospitals saving what they could and sorting out what they couldn’t .
      My Grandmother was collected by a survivor patrol about sunset and allowed her purse and no more than a beach bag and taken to I think it was the Wahiakolah (probably wrong but that’s what it sounded like so long ago) HS , not knowing if she still had a husband or sister in law for 9 days after .

      You know they taught me volumes passively about racism , seeing who’s really to blame , and forgiveness of those that did what they did because it was what they had to do .
      They lived all of my life about 50 miles from Manzanar , one of the Japanese relocation camps , all I remember about the many trips up and down the valley was the quiet as we passed it each time . It was not a respectful , shameful nor proud silence it was just perhaps a conflicted contemplative silence .

      On a recent trip that way we stopped in and did the tour . Everyone that has the opportunity should . Manzanar isn’t polished nor is the guilt PC displayed it is just hard unpolished facts laid out to be seen for facts .

      Ummmmm sorry ran off the tracks a little …….

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      I heard that old soldier upstage Trump by singing “remember Pearl Harbor”. Pretty awesome.

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