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      I’ve shot a lot of patterns through the years but I always had pretty sound guns even those that I reworked a little had nice square smooth muzzles . I’ve been lucky I guess not to have have had one the made oval , lopsided , or donut patterns to any significant degree and always for hunting so 30″ 40 yd patterns were the goal .
      I got the scatterguns out today and promptly broke something in Mom’s 68′ M12 . I have few spare parts so after I get it unlocked I can fix that …..

      Ms 1916 , a the oldest M12 I’ve happened across , what an ugly crown , I guess I just never really looked at it . Outside of a quick test to ensure its lockup and and function I didn’t shoot it much .
      I never gave much thought to the effect in a shotgun of an ugly crown .
      I know out of square will push and a dent will mess things up , but
      how about just raggedy ?
      Don’t make me shoot all 4 with 5-6 loads to create a base line then fix Me 16′ .

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