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      A few weeks ago I bought a Boito double barrel shotgun at a gun show in Albuquerque to use for cowboy action shooting. Last Saturday morning I participated in my first CAS match. I was in the middle of the pack. The shotgun, with 20 inch barrels performed without a hitch, but I wanted some improvements. Today, I removed the ill fitting and cheap plastic buttplate. I then used my bench sander to shorten the stock a bit, rounding off the edges considerably, and installed a lace on recoil pad covered in leather. Big improvement in fit, and I’m sure it will be more pleasant to fire. Some previous owner had lengthened the forcing cones, but left them rough. I used my hones from Brownell’s to smooth up the forcing cones, finishing with a brass brush wrapped in fine steel wool. The hones and brush were spun with my cordless electric drill. Below are before and after views of the forcing cones as well as a closeup and a full portrait of my ugly shotgun. BTW, I really shone in the shotgun portion of the match. It is only going to get better.

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      Well done, good functional upgrades
      Thank you for sharing

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      Very nice!

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