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      Easy as Pie

      Step one save up enough money to buy a nicely marbled piece of meat

      My Wife and I bought the Mother-in-law 18 pound Boneless Ribeye Loin

      Step two remove any silverskin leaving as much fat as possible

      Step three let the meat warm up to room temp

      At the same time let several sticks of butter warm up to room temp

      Preheat Oven to 500 Deg

      pat dry the meat and take the butter and infuse with spices of your choice

      I use Salt (1 tsp per stick), Pepper (1 tsp per stick), Garlic Powder (1 tsp per stick), Herbs De Provence (1 tsp per stick), and a little heat (Cayenne, Paprika, What have you)

      Liberally smear the roast with spiced butter on all sides and put in your pan.

      Put the pan in the oven and set the timer

      How long? Give it 5 min for each pound of roast

      So a 10 pound roast will get 50 min on the timer

      When the timer goes off – TURN OFF THE OVEN

      Don’t Open the oven door for anything for 2 hours

      When you take it out your roast use the drippings for gravy or Au Jou

      Almost Fool Proof

      Unless you don’t let the roast and butter come up to room temp like my

      Sister-in-law, you can raise the temp of the meat by giving it a water bath

      You must have the meat in a water tight bag them fill the sink with warm

      or cool water and submerge it – it will take from 30 to 90 min depending upon size.


      Merry Christmas to all








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      Step one save up enough money to buy a nicely marbled piece of meat

      Poor cut never will be good. Wife just uses a big crock pot/slow cooker. Onion soup & sweet potatoes.  White’s are OK too.   She tosses carrots in also but I pick them out.  Raw is great, cooked is terrible.  Cook for a day, keeping water (some red wine works too) in the pot so the meat doesn’t dry out.

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      Oh, I think you can make most cuts of meat acceptable, but for prime rib roast you have to have a ribeye loin to do it right.  And carrots if cooked are best in a carrot cake.

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      I cooked a prime rib for Christmas dinner. I do every year.

      The way I do it, is to rub the ribs down with olive oil and rub them with rib rub, then wrap em up in foil.

      Then I take the roast itself and rub it with olive oil, then rub it sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then I dust it with flower and scald it in a cast iron skillet and olive oil. I almost burn the surface, but not quite. I just want it dark brown and crispy. About the time the smoke alarm goes off, I know its perfect. heh heh. Never fails.

      So then I slice 4 onions and put them in the the cast iron dutch oven. In goes the roast. Then I chop up potatoes and stuff every available crevace with them till the lid just barely goes on. I dust with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then drizzle with olive oil, and clap the lid on.

      Then I go and start up my big BBQ pit. I start with Kingsford briquettes, then add a bunch of freshly cut hickory and/or oak chunks to get it smokey. I put the dutch oven right over the hottest part of the grill and the ribs are just to the side of that.

      Over the next 2 hours, I keep the ribs rotating and I check the roast every 20 minutes after the first hour. Once its done, I bring it back inside and oh the smells that fill the house!!!

      I remove the roast from the oven and put it on a serving plate. Then the potatoes are fished out and placed with it, and the lid to the dutch oven is placed on top to keep things warm while I make gravy from the drippings left in the oven via stovetop if Angie is done with it. If not, it’s back out to the BBQ. Once the gravy is done, I slice the roast with a sharp knife, and immediately following there’s a lot of eating and not much talking.

      Good times!!!

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