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      48 oz jar creamy peanut butter
      1 pound of unsalted butter, softened
      A dozen eggs
      5 cups packed light brown sugar
      4 cups granulated sugar
      2 teaspoon salt
      2+ teaspoon vanilla extract
      2 cup multi-colored chocolate candies
      2 cup chocolate chips
      1 cup raisins, optional
      8 teaspoons baking soda
      18 cups quick-cooking oatmeal (not instant)

      1 cup raisins or Walnuts, optional

      Preheat 350 Deg Oven

      Put butter in large bowl – add Sugar & brown Sugar and beat until butter lightens in color
      add vanilla, baking soda, salt and eggs one at a time then add peanut butter a little at a time.

      Take the bowl off the blender and hand mix in M&M’s, chocolate chips, oatmeal and if you want raisins or walnuts – you’ll need 3 baking sheets to do it easy – cover with parchment paper or silpat
      on each one you’ll get about half a dozen hand size cookies – take a wad of dough about the size of your palm (smaller than a tennis ball if you got big hands) and make it into a patty (like a hamburger patty) place out 1-2 inches apart on the cookie sheet – when the first sheet is filled put
      in the preheated oven – set a timer – (10 – 12 min depending upon your oven) you DON’T want to see these change color – after it’s done let it set on the cookie sheet while you put the next one in and bake it 10-12 min – when that sheet comes out put the 3rd cookie sheet in and you than then loosen the cookies from the first cookie sheet – wait an additional 5 min and move them off to a rack or plate and reload the first cookie sheet to go back in – keep the cycle going until out of dough.

      Enjoy – these are rich and usually one or two to a person is all you need deliver.

      Makes 4 dozen or so – depends how thick and large you make ’em
      – I tend to make them larger than my wife does, guess that’s cause my palms are larger .

      One helpful hint
      – buy your oats in the cardboard tube.
      Then don’t make your cookies any larger than the inside of the tube.
      The tube then becomes the delivery canister for the cookies!

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      I have a similar recipe but it is half oatmeal & half granola, everything else is the same. I make half batches of these and it is still a pile of cookies. I also
      portion some on a cookie sheet and freeze the uncooked dough for a later date. I use a smaller disher and make mine half size but 3 are usually enough.

      Len H.

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      Man, Angie is going to love this one!

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      Here’s my EKG after eating a few:


      Doctor : “Nurse, call the time. He’s gone.
      Musta been all the sugar, salt, and candy in those cookies combined with that allergy to peanuts.
      Gets em every time.” :eek::(:rolleyes:

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