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      I have not casted any bullets in a while and decided to cast some up today. I got the lee drip o matic going, and was have a hard time getting a good fill with the bottom pour. Frustrated I grabbed the ladle and in no time the fill was much better. I do not cast a high volume so now I am thinking the ladle is the way to go.

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      I don’t have 1 of those fancy pants bottom leakers .
      I don’t have a clue how many 1000s I’ve cast with a ladle . I do know that that I can pour a single 45 at 417gr for 50-75 pours an have fewer than 10 that are more than +- 1 gr . I was pleased with me when I had 30 of one batch in hand at 416.7- 417.3 .
      My 225-55 5C runs 61.8-62.0 .

      I don’t know what that has to do ladling , practical consistency perhaps .

      Welcome back to the ladle !

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      I have not had a bottom leaker since the late 70’s. Hated mine, sold it for 1/3rd of what I paid for it but was glad to see it go.


      For decades just cast using a lyman ladle, a 7″ cast fry pan and a heat source, wood, propane, camp stove. Whatever was handy.


      I did finally break down some 3-4 years back and bought a small Lee dipper pot. Electric but an old model, no thermostat.


      Ran that hard for 2 years. Was nice to have casting setup all set and ready to go on its own fireproof table. Plug it in, fill it up and turn 90 degrees and watch a youtube video until it was hot. Then cast like crazy for half an  hour and unplug and walk away.


      I did finally buy a new Lee Dipper pot with the thermostat. Keep the old one for a spare, it is still working fine.


      I have vastly improved my smelting rig with the addition of a turkey fryer (bought to run my shot maker) and a Walmart big dutch oven.  I am set and ready for anything now.


      Some molds I do still pressure cast, some don’t need it.

      Mostly about the time I think the mold is full I break the ladle to mold seal and let it spill a small stream for a couple of seconds. Makes sure the lead is in liquid form long enough to fill as it cools.  But that is just this ol country boy. YMMV.

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      I do all my casting with a ladle. I have more consistent fill, and have eliminated that last little bit of alloy getting sucked into the mold right as it solidifies. I keep a flow until I know all the cavities have solidified. It is a little messy, but I direct the molten overflow back into the pot. All of my molds are of the bottom pour type to eliminate floating dross. Both the Lyman and Rowell. With the Rowell, I can pour all four cavities for large molds as in .45-70 in a single pass. A real time saver and helps with consistency.

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