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      In preparing cartridges to fire in my Winchester 94 chambered in 32-40 WIN, I sized down some 30-30 WIN cases I had on hand and bought an RCBS 32-170 GC bullet mold intended for the 32 Winchester Special. I knew the cases would be short by about 0.1″, but since I had them on hand, thought it would be a start at least. After forming the cases and seating a bullet to the maximum overall length given in the book, I discovered that I couldn’t chamber it due to interference with the rifling. So I started seating the bullet deeper until it just touched the rifling, finding that the short case just reached the crimping groove of the bullet. So, when the longer nosed bullet was seated and crimped in the short case, it ended up chambering right to the rifling. What might be the shortcomings associated with this situation in accuracy, chamber wear, case expansion, etc?

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      The only problem I can think of is a buildup of powder/lube in the neck area of the chamber in front of the case mouth.
      Accuracy should be good if the load combination is good and boolit fits the throat.

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