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      We seem to be blessed with a slightly above average crop of them this year. A lot of fun to shoot but for years I have found that bake em, fry em, whatever you do, they seem to be about as chewable as a Good Year tire.
      Tried something different the other night and it worked out real well.
      Had a bird in the freezer that was one of the last ones shot last year , took him out and let thaw. Put him in a crock pot with a little water, chicken bullion a few spices and let him go all day. By evening took him out, cut him up then made up a mixture of mayonnaise and mozzarella cheese and rolled the pieces in this then in Panco bread crumbs then baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Darned thing was actually quite good.
      Next time want to try it again but instead of the mayo will use Gray Pupon ( ya , I know, misspelled that one ! ) mustard and white wine then roll in the bread crumbs.
      Have done this before with fish and rabbit but the slow, all day cooking in the crock pot really did the trick on pheasant.

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      Low and slow is always for wild game. Most other meat too. Also try brining the bird overnight in a solution of water and salt water. My precise measurements are add enough such that a raw egg will stand up on the bottom of the pot. If the egg floats, it will be too salty. I also like to smoke mine for a few hours. (low and slow?) Since I skin mine (plucking too many chickens as a youth), I lay strips of bacon on the top part of the bird wherever they will stay. Just an idea. And, as you have pointed out, the crock pot does a good job. Since it runs at a low temperature, it is hard to mess up. Good for us that don’t watch the pot too close. Try adding a layer of chopped onion on the bottom of the crock pot. Works wonders. I’m getting hungry!

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      Wish we still had birds around here never have had Pheasants but grew up Quail hunting But the combination of feral house cats, over protected Birds of prey and foxes, and farming practices have decimated the quail population. Last Bird Dog I had was a English Pointer, She was Birdy as hell just no birds to work her on, gave her to a buddy that ran field trial dogs.

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      Some guys at work went Pheasant hunting 4 or 5 years ago. At the time I smoked the meats for the company Thanksgiving feast. The owner of the company
      gave me 3 birds to smoke with the turkeys & hams. I always brined the birds over night and cooked them low and slow and used apple & pecan woods to
      smoke the meats.

      Needless to say that only 2 and a half of the pheasants made it to the office dinner. It was some fine eating.

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      I use the skinned breasts, and use injectable Creole Butter Tony Chacere’s marinade
      On the outside rub his Original Creole spice
      Deep fry in peanut oil at 3 minutes per pound

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