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      So I was powder coating tonight (tumble coating) and was mixing some black (which coats just OK)and some green (which coats great) hoping that the mixture would coat well. I didn’t really have much luck but it did bring up something interesting and got me thinking. I noticed the powder was not coating well and was really spotty. BUT, there was a very thin layer of powder over the entire bullet. Here is a picture of the bullet out of the container.

      So, this next picture shows where I wiped the side of the bullet with my finger, showing how thin the layer of powder is.

      And finally here it is after baking (not the exact same one as above, but one similar).

      So my question is this. Is the very thin, shiny layer of powder coat enough?

      I plan on shooting them very soon but wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience????


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      Probably so, but there’s nothing like shooting it side by side something your know works and seeing if there is any difference between the two.
      Look at leading in the barrel.
      Look at group size.
      Tell us what you find!

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      I do not have to answer, only a theory. I believe that the powder that we use for coating is much more than just pigment. The clear part that you are seeing is part of the powder that carries the pigment, seems like I read that it is polyester. I have noticed that same clumping of pigment in some colors that I have tried, with similar end results as you achieved. Didn’t seem to have any affect on performance, but I did not conduct any real tests, I was just shooting at my gong. I have also found that colors that do not coat well can be mixed with other colors to get good coverage.
      I believe that the clear coating is what actually gives us the protection and lubrication, the color I think is just the “fluff” that makes boolits look cool!!

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      When I wrote up “Powder Coat Shenanigans”, I also experienced the same on bullets that didn’t have full coverage of color. There was a clear-ish film on the bare spots where the color didn’t take, but looks like the PC base ran or coated those spots. The bullets shot fine compared to bullets with better coverage.

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      many things can cause what you are having

      Flat Black will not tumble coat worth salt..
      Mixing Flat Black with another color tends to kill the static and make both not coat well
      Old coating stored in non controlled environment can break down the bonding between the clear coat and the color additive

      as said above the clear coat usually will completely cover the bullet and will shoot just fine .. Just looks bad
      Look for dull spots (uncovered areas) if none or very little shoot away

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      I have coated many thousands of boolits with BBDT and ESPC……and never had any look like that. Are you using HF flat black? It will NOT BBDT. Try some plain HF red for a test. If that works, you are doin it right, HF red is my standard powder. I use it and Smoke’s blue and HF yellow to mix almost every color imaginable with ESPC and BBDT.

      Coat should be smooth and not lumpy like that.


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      I will recommend changing to HiTek for pistol. Labor saving, works, not much more cost.

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      Looks like you might be mixing polyester and urethane based powders together.

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