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      I bought one of the Browning 1895 rifles made in 1984. No box. Shooter grade. Minor scratches in the bluing and multiple light dings in the wood. No box, no papers.

      So, my question is, CAN this easily be bored by JES to 405 Winchester? My second question is SHOULD this rifle be rebored to 405 Winchester? I don’t think the rifle has a huge collector market since most collectors want the high grades with the original box, which are plentiful?


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      Probably could be. I don’t know if a rebarrel would be as cheap,
      You may have problems with the magazine feeding the .405
      Also something to consider, I don’t know but I believe the barrel taper is larger on the .405 win

      As far as a collector or shooter it would be worth more IMO as a .405.

      I have both.

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