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      Easy to make
      – first buy a pound of chicken livers and drain

      ]Now set a pot or deep sided skillet of oil on the stove and get it started heating it up.
      I like about an inch of oil in the bottom to get even frying.
      Some recipes will call for shortening…or lard, or even bacon fat. I
      have the oil, so that’s what I use.
      But bacon fat…that would be really good, I’m thinking.

      – Now the popeye’s crusty goodness.

      Popeye’s Fried Chicken crust
      3 c Self-rising flour
      1 c Cornstarch
      3 tb Seasoned salt
      2 tb Paprika – smoked sweet prefered
      1 ts Baking soda
      1 pk Italian Salad Dressing Mix Powder
      1 pk Onion Soup Mix — (1 1/2 Ounces)
      1 pk Spaghetti sauce mix — (1/2 Ounce)
      3 tb Sugar

      Combine Dry Ingredients in large bowl.

      In another bowl combine 2 Large eggs and 1/3 cup whole milk (you can use water or 1/2 & 1/2)

      In a Third Bowl crush 3 cups Corn flakes (you can use Panko – the japanese bread crumbs if no corn flakes)

      Next, I rinsed the livers off with cold water, patted them dry with some paper towels, trimmed any fat off them (and there is usually very little, and any discolored spots. If you find one with a green area, which is the gall, throw it away.), and then if large cut them up. I got about 4 portions from each liver.

      Should look like

      – so bite size like served at most restaurants

      Now once your oils HOT – 375 at least but if it’s smoking turn down the heat.
      I use one of those IR guns from harbor freight that go on sale for $29 every so often
      – much easier than immersion thermometer.

      I put on surgical glove and start by a dredge in flour mix for the livers,
      then dip in egg mix then roll in corn flakes and put the first 6-8 in oil to cook
      – small batches you don’t want the oil to be cooled down too much.

      The other thing is cover the pot with a splatter guard
      – a screen kind of thing to protect me and the rest of the kitchen from all the flying oil.
      As they cook, the water in the livers turns to steam and causes the oil to splatter
      as the steam pops out of the livers. There was a lot of splattering going on.
      You can use a pot lid, or oven proof plate at well just remember it will get hot!

      Cook the livers until they are GBD (Golden Brown and Delicous)
      – Don’t go too dark(long) as they dry out quickly!

      then scooped them out with a spider or slotted spoon
      and put them on some paper towels on a plate
      and sprinkled a bit of kosher salt on them
      (not table or popcorn salt as will be too salty).

      You can continue to get the others ready while the first batch cooks.

      Oh and as long as the oils hot and you have the dredge station why not cut up a chicken and cook it at the same time?

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