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      Hello, does anybody use a special flashlight for blood trailing?

      I bought a couple on Amazon and they turned out to be just regular flashlights.

      Does anybody have a favorite that actually works?

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      I one with a blue lens was supposed to be able to easily see blood. Alas, the cheap thing died before I could try it out. I did see the blue lens cap the other day. I’ll see if I can find it again, and see if it does indeed work as advertised.

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      I’ve never had a light filter that could beat my own two eyes, and I’ve tried a few of them. When I’m trailing a deer, there’s more to it than just blood, and having a filter on the light eliminates some of the other tells. When I’m trailing a deer the rule is: Light, Light, and More light. I’d go with a million candle power spotlight if I could.

      Fortunately, I haven’t had to track a deer into the dark in about 7 years (although I came dam close a couple years ago).  Most of them drop within eyeshot of where lead met hide. I also started hunting with cast bullets exclusively about 7 years ago.

      Coincidence? I think not.

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      I keep hearing that the old fashioned Coleman gas lantern, is the way to go. the one that burns coleman fuel.

      I hear that it’s light spectrum allows blood to highlight, something about it doesnt emit infrared light, or so they say.

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      The specialty one I used was about 17 years ago. It was made by Primos if I remember correctly. I couldn’t tell that it worked any better that a regular light. I use Surefire lights and love them.

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