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      Found this on Fal Files – good to know.

      Guys just posting this as a FYI. If you buy a used Acog at a gunshow or off an individual make sure they have the original box paper work and know were it came from. You ask why?

      Trijicon keeps up with all serial numbers and the contracts they fill including military contracts. If you ever have any problems with the optic you just send it back for warranty. However if its one that is from a military contract and you send it back for warranty they will send you back a nice letter .Telling you they are keeping the unit because it shouldn’t be in consumer hands and was not bought from a registered distributor.

      Meaning someone took something that didn’t belong to them. Keep this in mind when buying . I am not saying that just because they don’t have documentation were it came from means its stolen. I am posting this just for you guys to use caution. I lost 700.00 bucks two years ago at a gun show. Two of my friends lost more money than that. I am not trying to piss anyone off just trying to help others from not making the same costly mistake I made.

      Good tip.

      If you call them with the serial number they will tell you if a unit is GTG.

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      Man, that would suck rocks.
      Thanks for the tip.

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      Thanks for the heads up .. seen this before but forgot

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