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      I have a Remington Varmint in 223 with a 1:12 twist. I’ve nver really shot any cast out of it and was considering putting together a cheap plinker load. How does the 1:12 twist do with lead and which Accurate or NOE mold would you recommend?

      My other 223 Target rifle is a Stag Super Varminter (Model 6) that’ll shoot a ragged 10 shot group at 100 and well under MOA out to 300 yards (the max distance I’ve shot it).

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      Larry Gibson
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      Just so happens I’ve been shooting cast bullets in a M700V .223 Remington since ’74. Also in several other 12″ twist .223s and 2 other rifles I currently have (M70 XTR and TC Contender 21″ carbine) for quite a few years. Easy to get cast bullet loads that put 10 shots into 1 to 1 1/4″ with the M700V. Occasionally groups will sneak under 1″ at 100 yards but the norm is 1″ +. The most accurate HV cast bullet I’ve used has been the Loverin style 225462 at very close to 2200 -2300 fps using H4895. You have to be pretty anal on bullet sorting culling out any, even the smallest defect. Might not be what you had in mind for a “casual plinking load” though. For that I used the 225438. For best small vermin shooting results I always preferred a milder load of Bullseye or Unique for 1550 fps or 1850 fps under the 225415.

      I don’t think Accurate makes moulds less than 28 caliber (?).

      NOE makes several very good moulds including an excellent copy of the 225462; the 225-62-RN. You might also look at the 225-55-FN and the 225-55-FN-1 (MX3-22). For stability down to 1000 fps you’ll not want a bullet longer that .675 including GC.

      Larry Gibson

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      Here’s a mold you might like very well for that twist. I’m getting one for my .22 K Hornet. It’s 38 grains, so doesn’t use much lead and gives you two gas check and two plain base bullets with each cast:

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