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      I tell you I came down with some crud that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I pretty much holed up in the reloading room upstairs, and slept on the same level. Theres a private bathroom up there, so Angie just sent Natalie up with ramon noodles occasionally.

      Reloading is a great way to pass time when you’re miserable. Whether we’re talking sickness of the mind, body, or soul, reloading and bullet casting is grease on the axles of the cart that’s taking you where you’re going.

      I was sick for 5 days and I pretty much ran out of stuff to reload unless I just engaged in redundant preparation (which I did some of for the M1A) I think I made 500 rounds of 308 both target and hunting ammo, 30-06 target and hunting ammo, 45-70 cast grease groove and powder coated, 38 special with 125gr HP, 380acp with 125gr HP, 7X64 Brenneke 160gr Speer, 6X45 with a variety of bullet styles, 44 Magnum both cast and full house XTP jacketed, 10mm 180 grain rock n roll solids, etc etc etc.

      I’m still getting over the crud, but at least I have a bunch of ammo on the shelf ready to go. It was starting to get a little sparse.

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      Well done
      The CRUD is no fun!
      Get well in a hurry

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      Wow, sorry to hear about it.  That really sucks when you have the Zacklies.

      Don’t know Zackly what it is, but you feel Zackly like shit…

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      Been there for the last 4 days myself and did not even feel like getting out of bed.

      Did not help the wife was gone visiting her parents for 2 days.


      Thats a good one Glenn, I’ll have to remember about them dang Zacklies.



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      We been passing the sinus crud back and forth around here. It stinks when you have some nice weather and don’t feel like doing anything.

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