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      I have been offered a S&W 629 4″ barrel in 44 Mag SS for $500. It is in new condition. Supposedly had only one box if ammo run through it. I checked on gun broker and their was one NIB for $714. Funds are a bit tight right now but I was thinking about making an offer. I would have preferred a longer barrel but If I can get it at the right price I might be able to trade up at a later date. I am not familiar with this particular model. Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.


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      I have one that is pinned and recessed.
      The old ones had large cylinder throats so I have to size bullet to about .431.

      They are nice guns. The 4″ seemed to be Elmer Keith’s favorites.

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      No flies on that pistol, and at that price you can’t lose.
      First, if you find an issue with it of any kind, you can send it back to S&W for service.
      Second, it’s a fine pistol and one that you will very likely fall in love with, and S&W knows how to make a gun that eat’s cast bullets!
      Third, if for some reason, you are find that you just don’t like it, you can sell it for exactly what you gave for it without batting an eye. Hell, I’d think you could list it here and move it immediately.
      A Smith in 44 magnum is one of the finest revolvers made in the US in the past century. Hard to see how you wouldn’t like it.

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