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      I’m no fisherman I struggle to catch goldfish in a water glass .

      My folks had a place in Baja from about 1989-1997 . I was working for myself mostly and developed a bad habit of doing a couple of big jobs and going to Bia San Quintin (more like canteen than the California prison) 120 miles down the coast from Ensenada . Our last trip down was just me and the boys , mom and dad and my mom’s parents .

      Grampa Bill was the fisherman I think about the only fishing he hadn’t done was ice and billfish . I can’t even be sure about the billfish as he spent the war in Hawaii . I know he fished all over Tennessee and Kentucky and up and down California from a sping water dribble to a kayak on the break water around the point from Pearl Harbor .

      4 generations in a 16′ Glaspar 165 was really a once in a lifetime chance as Gpa’ Bill passed in December of that yr . My youngest boy just 4 , I don’t know what we’d have done if he had hooked something bigger than 5# sea and sand bass we were fishing . Poor kid fell asleep on the way in and sunburned his eyelids . Think about that when you’re having a bad day ? My oldest boy had just turned 10 and I suspect was really only excited because the rest of us were excited and happy to be on the trip . Dad was the capt’ because in theory he knew where we were going and how to navigate point to point in and out of the bay back up to Old Mill . Oh right and it was his boat too .

      Dad had a couple of good deep sea 50# rigs set up and he and Grampa Bill fished them while the boys and I muddled along with some 20# rigs on old 6’6″ Abu Garcia’s and Mitchell 300s . The squid lead heads worked like a champ when you got in the schools . The bass would just keep hitting them until the last thread of the skirt was gone .

      Now at that time the local rule was take a 15 gallon wash tub and when the fish won’t stay in the tub any more or you have 3 at 20#+ you’re done , mostly because that’s a lot of fish to get put away .
      I think Dad hooked the first fish up but it may have Bill , in the words of the turtle “it all happened so fast” ! The first drift wasn’t as good as it could have been but we boated 12-15 fish and didn’t loose any tackle just the skirts . The fish were just little bass 4-6# and a hoot to play on such light gear as the boys and I had . As we motored back up the drift we got all rerigged and set up . Gpa’ Bill hit the first hook up on the 2nd pass and the fight was on , we had hit the bigger fish this time . His was the big fish of the day in the boat 9.5# . The hits were coming about as fast as we could get the hooks back in the water . My 6 hook up swallowed my hook and by the time it was out the skirt was gone so I grabbed a new jig and a hunk of calimari and got back in the water just in time to be at the end of the drift . Just as the line slacked from the cast , a beautiful 40 footer off the back by the way I got the big hook up . The rest of the rods were in so they were just waiting on me anyway . I’d gain a few ft loose a couple and long wide cuts . In a way it was that light tackle dream play . We were in maybe 80 ft of water and I had this in probably about 30-40 ft down and 25-30 ft out from the boat and not all at once but noticably ,like I can barely reel fast enough it starts this run on the boat so I call for the net maybe a gaff . I didn’t mention it but the fish have been flopping off the top of the wash tub now and I’ve stepped on 2 of them . Icky fish slime on bare feet , gross !!!
      Anyway so the fish is up far enough to see the belly flash and I honestly can’t say how big but an honest 10# if it was an once . So I’m taking it easy now I don’t want loose the biggest fish I’ve ever hooked to something stupid like a slipped knot or a broken leader . It was like somebody flipped a switch the belly flash just went dark and rod went from a 6′ radius 4 ft arc straight out to a 45° left Ugly stick commercial and ran 40 ft of line before I had a chance to even wonder what was happening …….zzzzzZZZZ POP ! Hook , leader , swivel set and my big fish gone . I was done ! In fact I think we were all pretty much ready to call it a day when the realization began to settle in that a 10# bass had just been snatched like a shiner minnow in a bass pond full of 6 pounders .

      In spite of Gpa’ Bills mashed fingers , sun burned eyelids , and loosing the both big fish it was an amazing day .

      Back at the dock we filleted some 45# of bass in about 30 minutes and retired to the Casa about a mile farther up the bay . Dad and Gpa’ bagged and got the fish into the freezer while the boys and I washed out the gear and the boat . Dad battered up a couple of lbs of the fresh fish while the ladies chopped cabbage and fried tortillas for the fish tacos . The beer was in ice cold liters 2 of those poured around the table and the afternoon siesta made for a perfect day .

      Last yr during shark week there was an episode about the Pacific great whites and their habits . It turns out that we were on the southern end of the seal buffet coastal islands just a couple of weeks after the peak of the pupping season …… I probably hooked a great white as big or bigger than the boat we were in .

      Nope wouldn’t trade a minute of it nothing . If my folks hold up a couple of more yr I’ll be able to pull off a duck or deer camp and make the memories for my kids and the grands . No more shark stories from me though , one is enough ! 🙂

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      Nice! Sounds like a good time!

      I once lost a huge bass on a Hedon Fluke I was just letting it troll out the back of the boat on our way to the fishin hole when WHAM! I saw the fish’s mouth open around my bait and with a pop, it was game on. It all happened so suddenly I didn’t get a good set on the hook. It bent my 7′ medium heavy rod hard over and it felt like I had gotten tangled in a sunken tree, but then it was gone.

      Oh well. that’s why I don’t fish much. LOL!

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