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      This is from last weekend. There is another load out there now. And, I haven’t even looked at the cucumbers. Thank goodness I’ve been able to unload them by the crate at work. I won’t complain. Today at work, a cute clerk came and gave me a hug and told me thanks for the zucchini bread. I better get to baking!

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      I have a bit of a blood sugar problem but have been successfully been controlling it with diet for several years now and the humble and often greatly disrespected zucchini is one of the main helpers in doing this.
      Fiber, carbo’s and a bit of protean in proper order are the secret.
      What I have done for a number of years now is we raise a couple of zeek plants with a couple of regular yellow summer quash. With about a 50/50 mix . core then run both squash plats through a food processor to shred them. You only want the harder outer part pf the plants, not the soft core or seeds. I generally run about 25 pounds or so at a time. Break and mix well a dozen eggs and mix all in a stainless steel pot. Then mold carefully into a ball shape just about the size of a tennis ball and place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and freeze and store in zip lock bags.
      For breakfast I place two frozen balls into a black cast iron skillet with a bit of olive oil, slowly thaw then brown lightly on both sides. Serve with a egg and or a bit of deer meat and cover well with sugarless pancake syrup , the brand from wally world or a good hot sauce. Good smuchkins !!
      This and other careful eating keeps me at 95 to about 101 or 102 with no problem. Beats the heck out of dying with diabetes.

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