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      Posted this in the “hell froze over” thread as well as here.

      Took this guy this morning with my 223 AR rifle.

      Range was approx. 125 yds with a 60 gr. hornady soft tip bullet powered by 25.5 gr. of TAC at a velocity of approx. 3000 fps. The buck was standing facing me. One shot to the white spot and he was down for good.

      The AR rifles are fairly new to me. I have never had much interest in them. They’re plastic and aluminum and have no warmth or soul. I am a blued steel and beautiful wood guy.

      I cannot dispute the accuracy of them though. This one I describe as being stupid accurate. Although it has no right to be it is extremely accurate.


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      Butch Wax
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      Really impressed. And yes, I understand “stupid accurate” very well. Got a couple rifles and a couple pistols like that. The other few are of “average intelligence”.

      And I applaud your hunting with an AR15. Went out with my grandkids on their ranch a few weeks back. Grandson put me in “a box”. It tilted. Creaked and groaned worse than I did. When I did spot a buck I banged the barrel of my ’06 against the frame of the “window”. Spooked the deer. Very disappointed. But I’ve never hunted from a box in my life. Ground hunter here.

      Decided next outing on that place is gonna be with an iron sighted M4 copy. Ya don’t need a .30’06 to kill Texas deer anyway. Am more than confident with the M4.

      I believe you’ve got the right idea. And again, well done.

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      Nice Buck!!  I agree about the black rifles, but they are wearing me down.  Accurate is interesting but they ain’t purty as walnut.

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