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     Larry Gibson 
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    Been a while since I posted.  I had a terrible time trying to log on.  Finally a while back there was a power surge here (don’t rely on the so called “internal power surge protector” as they don’t work!) and it fried my router.  Got a new one (made in Viet Nam……go figure……) and it’s much faster and lo and behold I can log on easily now.  Have made a couple posts and am planning on many more.  Good to be back……

    Larry Gibson

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    Good to see you back.

    I always look forward to your testing.

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    Glad to hear that you are back Larry.  I’m sorry to hear about your Electronic troubles.  Technology is great when it works.  lol

    I have a hard time posting to some topics while on my phone.  It says I need to login, so I do and it still says I can’t post until I login, But…  It will let me post on other topics just fine.  ???

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