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      “The Anoka facility laid off about 10% of its 1,430 employees. “

      To me that is just a company staying healthy in a leaner time. 8 years of Mr O and the potential for 4 or more years of Mrs C drove a lot of gun and ammo sales. Now that President Trump is in the fear buying is gone. Times will be a bit leaner for both gun and ammo sales. For the first time in my life I am seeing complete AR-15’s for under 500$, and they do not appear to be crap.

      Stripped lowers are at an all time low. But I do not believe we have seen the bottom of this market, not yet.

      For myself, I have good stocks of everything. I do continue to add powder and primers to the hoard. (Think Smaug and gold only with me it is Red Dot and Primers, the glee is the same)

      I am feeling zero need to buy any ammo. Recently topped off my .22lr stash with the Federal Auto Champion that my Ruger Mk III 22/45’s love.

      Would be nice to see center fire prices drop a little, not that there is anything I can’t produce myself.
      But if the price came down I might buy a couple hundred more rounds of the 7.62×25 that is a pain to make.

      Still sitting on 500 rounds of factory Federal 9mm 124 gr FMJ.

      As Bob D sung it so many years ago. “The Times they are a changing”

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      Retailers won’t buy stock if the price keeps dropping, they will wait. They could get decent markup in the past but why buy high and sell low now? Same with CF stuff, 30/30 used to be $11-14 /20, then $25/20 – dropping back now. IMO, not so much demand in the past as fear by the manuf. the O would shut everything down. Plus the Gov. large purchases that made no sense. 10% layoff is about right for lost Gov. contracts.

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