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    For some reason (?) when I try to post on my other related thread t won’t let me?  Shows I am still logged out?  Yet I can post in any other thread or, as we see, start a new thread……

    32 S&WL with Alliant Green Dot

    PSI measured via Oehler m43 PBL using Contender 32 H&R barrel.
    Cases; R-P 32 S&WL
    Primers; CCI 500
    Bullet; Lee TL314-90-SWC
    Alloy; range lead + 2% tin
    Sized; .312
    Lube; BAC
    OAL; 1.177” with roll crimp in top lube groove


    1.9 gr; 13,100 psi
    2.1 gr; 13,900 psi
    2.3 gr; 15.500 psi
    2.5 gr; 17,000 psi
    2.7 gr; 17,800 psi
    2.9 gr; 20,100 psi
    3.1 gr; 22,100 psi

    Seems to be some interest in Green Dot with these smaller cartridges.  I can see why as Green Dot is a much mor ‘lofty” powder giving a higher load density than Bullseye……not that a higher load density is really needed in the diminutive 32 S&WL but in, say, the 44 magnum and 45 Colt it may be better suited to SASS “cowboy action” loads.

    Larry Gibson


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