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      I would like to wish all of you a happy 4th of July. Unfortunately I cannot.
      Happiness over our independence is only appropriate if that independence is secure, and we know that it is not.
      240 years ago, the founders of our country felt it worth risking the whole of their fortunes and lives in a daring attempt to secure freedom from tyrannical government for their descendants, if not for themselves. They lost everything in the process, but successful they were in creating a place where people could live on their own terms and address eachother with respect. A place where a man could live his days in his own terms whether he works alone, or shoulder to shoulder with men of similar constitution. A place where a man pays his taxes to secure the basic needs of his nation, that being profoundly necessary for the security of the freedom he enjoys…….not social programs that use his money to encrouch on the very freedom he seeks to secure by paying the taxes in the first place.

      240 years later, I feel the original intent of the founding fathers has been all but lost, and the country is becoming the very thing our forefathers sought to abolish.

      Our military personnel are treated like scum.
      Our citizens pay taxes in excess of the percentage they did at the time of our country’s break from “tyranny”.
      The taxes we pay do us little real good, but are rather an acknowledgment of our slavery to those who do not work, and those who vouch for them in Washington.
      Married Americans who actually produce more God fearing Americans are marginalized and taxed while homosexuals and perverts who bring moral decay to our communities and who, by their very nature live for the moment and have no future generations to consider, are placed in a position of honor and their voices are magnified and used as a bludgeon over the heads of good moral people.

      The concept of religious freedom has become a joke, and those who would use their religious freedom to destroy any that do not agree, are given a green light, and protection from the government and their brainwashing media, who seem to have forgotten their vital and sacred place of holdin the government accountable and bringing the secret dispicible dealings of unscrupulous politicians into the spotlight to roast under public scrutiny.
      Our presidential nominations have given us the choice between a murderous criminal and a money hungry blaggard.

      Our nation is sick. We have traded our birthright for a bowl of savory soup. The land is ripe for a revival. a revolution, a remagnetizing of our moral compass. We are like a fine house beset with cockroaches, mice, and termites, and the time has come to reestablish logic, order, and hard work as the heartbeat of America. Surely if we continue to compromise with evil, failure and total reformation of our core values is on the imediate horizon.
      A happy day this should be. Happy for the price that was paid, but unfortunately, the deposit has been exhausted and it is time for the price to be paid again.

      Consider well the price that was paid by true Americans 2.5 centuries ago. Observe the excellent fruit that came from that hard work. Shall we tip our hats to those men and women and not wonder if we are cut from the same cloth?

      Therefore, a very solumn Independence Day to you my friends.
      God bless America and the heart that still beats in her breast.

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      Well said, well said indeed.

      I wish only to add that the Constitution is what has set this country apart from the rest of the world. The very contsitution that some say requires ‘Interpretation’.
      It was written in English, the words carefully chosen, in ink, on paper. No interpretation necessary. And I suggest we take a very close look at anyone who suggests otherwise.

      Happy Independence Day. God bless us all.

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      Well said Tim.

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      Well said indeed!

      The United States has forgotten its roots, it has angered the God that blessed it so. As a result those blessings have been withdrawn.

      The sooner all fall on their knees and repent the sooner the pain will end.

      Our government has become a cancer on the people, growing ever more huge and malignant.
      Personally I think it all dates back to the founding of the Federal Reserve and the Income tax.

      Our constitution is ignored and has been at some level for 100 years.

      It is indeed time for both revolution and repentance.

      Interesting times indeed.

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      well said and thank you for saying it.


      Remember Lavoy

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      Preach it !!!

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      Mike W1
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      Nicely written post. Cannot add anything of substance but I’m sure my Grandchildren will be real happy to be paying the interest on a debt incurred during MY lifetime. Last time I “guestimatted” every living citizen owed about $58,000 to pay the debt off and we know that isn’t gonna happen. It is only a question of when and not if the whole system goes up in smoke. I think the line in my signature describes which road we’re on.

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