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      I took the Husqvarna M46A in 9.3×57 out this weekend to deer camp.

      Wayne and I picked up a couple of these old girls and it’s been fun trying to find bullets and loads for them. The barrel on mine slugs out to .368″ and Waynes to .371″. We ended up getting some Speer .375″ 235gn bullets and sizing them down in an NOE cast bullet sizer with lots of Imperial sizing die wax.
      The load we settled on was 54gns of H4895 which gave us 2510fps.

      On opening morning I did see a nice 8pt but he was too quick and I couldn’t get the rifle up before he bounded across the lane and into some thick timber. So I shot this doe instead.

      She was facing me, so I went for a just off center shot to take out 1 lung. The 235 Speer gave complete penetration from stem to stern. She went about 30 yds before piling up.


      exit hole in the rump

      The front shoulder was pretty hammered, The exit hole in the rump had lots of bone fragments in it, but was not bloodshot, so It needed just a little trimming.

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      That confirms my confidence in the penetration of the round. I will have to be careful not to hammer the meat with mine.

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      Sure seems like a candidate for cast bullets. A flat nose in that caliber would be a good killer without damaging too much meat.

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      Well done Glenn!!!

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      Very nice!

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