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      UK Teenager, 17, named by judge after he admitted carrying out six acid attacks in 90 minutes to steal mopeds

      A teenager has been named by a judge after he admitted carrying out a spate of acid attacks against moped riders in a bid to steal their vehicles.

      Derryck John, 17, targeted six riders in north and east London in less than 90 minutes on July 13 last year.

      Earlier reporting restrictions had banned identification of the defendant due to his age.

      But judge Noel Lucas QC told Wood Green Crown Court there was an “overwhelming, huge public interest” in identifying the teenager after he pleaded guilty to 12 counts.

      John, from Croydon, south London, sprayed his victims in the face with a noxious liquid, which police said left one with “life-changing injuries”.

      The substance used is thought to have had a PH of one or two, the court heard.

      He stole two mopeds and tried to take another four from their owners, before being arrested at around 3am on July 14.

      On Monday he pleaded guilty to six counts of throwing a corrosive liquid with intent to “disable, burn, maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm”, two counts of robbery and four counts of attempted robbery.

      Another unidentified person is listed on the indictment as also having been involved in the attacks.

      John earlier denied the charges and had been due to stand trial.

      Judge Lucas, reading a note from the defendant, said the guilty pleas were entered “on the basis that the acid was thrown to incapacitate the victims” and that “the other male involved was much older than me”.

      He said: “I really didn’t appreciate the damage that would be done.

      I’m terrified of the sentence that I will receive and I’m very sorry for what I did and realise I will receive a significant sentence of imprisonment.”

      John did not enter a plea on a further charge of robbery on June 25.

      The count will be dealt with at sentencing.

      His mother sobbed and shouted as she left court after the pleas were made.

      Judge Lucas said: “This is a case where there is an overwhelming, huge public interest in the public knowing both about the fact of the offence and in the identification of the perpetrator and his age.”

      Sentencing will take place on March 9 at Wood Green Crown Court.

      London moped acid victim demands attacker, 17, gets life sentence

      A man who had acid thrown in his face by a teenager trying to steal his moped said he wants his attacker to be sentenced to detention for life.

      Derryck John, 17, attacked Jabed Hussain as the food delivery driver finished his shift on 13 July.

      Mr Hussain’s facial burns have healed but he was left traumatised and still has breathing problems.

      John pleaded guilty on Monday to carrying out acid attacks on six moped riders in London to steal their bikes.

      Mr Hussain said he felt “sorry” that his attacker was only a teenager, but added that John should not be shown leniency simply because he is young.

      The 33-year-old from Tower Hamlets, east London, said: “My demand is a life sentence.

      “He destroyed five lives, so I want to see him locked up for life – and everyone who ever does this type of crime.”

      John, from Croydon, was convicted of throwing a corrosive liquid with intent to disable, burn, maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm.

      The maximum sentence for an adult charged with this offence is life imprisonment.

      In December, Arthur Collins was jailed for 20 years for GBH with intent after he was found guilty of throwing acid across a London nightclub.

      John will be sentenced on 9 March.

      Although he hopes to return to work as a delivery driver soon, Mr Hussain is now running a campaign to raise awareness and reduce acid attacks.


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