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      I got a wild hair and wanted to see if I could match some of the Hornady wonder ammo with a naked cast . I had a Rapine 458-201 that dropped .459-255 probably for SAA Colts G1/2 pistols . A big old snort of H4198 an viola’ 2000+ fps . Lousy groups , the 454424 paper patched was a little better .
      The Rapine was great in the Unique angry Colts levels loads .

      I had some 45 Colts 350 gr loads from some time back that I had been seeking to keep just barely subsonic in a carbine . The first load was way over so there wasn’t any point in following up . It’s way more fun to shoot it than pull it so there was that . Oddly enough I must have shot the heaviest loads and been over as these were just short of the original goal .
      850 fps in the 20″ and 680 in the 7.5″ Ruger BH . I was surprised by the lack of recoil and putting 3 from the rifle and 2 from the pistol on a 6″ at 50 yd . No bullet remains just spray . Looks like all of that was good choices .

      For whatever it’s worth the 1895G 2010 vintage lived up to my expectations . There’s nothing I can do with a fast 250 that can’t be done with with a much slower moving 405,500 or 535 so there’s no more self abuse to be done there past settling on a nice sedate soft bullet .

      The Colts has some now renewed possibilities , I’ll take a RNFP with a .250 flat out of 1-20 at 950-1000 and 800 fps for everything available in most Arkansas back yards .

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