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    i have a sporterized 98 mauser in 8×57 and next year i’m either going to rebore or rebarrel to the 400 whelen. (read [url]…pace_myth.htm#[/url] to headspace it). i was going to do the 375 whelen but i already have a 9.3×57(.366″). and i can say that 4-something something!

    since 150 lbs whitetails will be its main course, i’ll only go 1600-1800fps in 350-400gr fn gc. i hunt in close cover, so 60+ yards is a loooong shot, 25-35 yards is more likely.

    1944 98 mauser 8x57mm

    i’ve been thinking of taking it to JES(i like that peep sight) but i might rebarrel it to 24″(it has a 22″ barrel). i doubt that extra 2″ is a make or break situation, but i like the 24″ over the 22″. the 98 mauser NEEDS a timney trigger and i’ll go with richard’s stock( [url=]Richards Microfit Gunstocks[/url] ), it will be a wolverine style and either a blue coral or black walnut stock.

    i doubt highly that i’ll get the chance to hunt elk or moose, but my sons’ might and i’ll just happen to have a rifle that they can use….it sounds good, don’t it!!!

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    Sounds like a good cast shooter.

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    I tried to repost your pics, but it told me that I already did, lol.

    The 375 or 400 Whelen should be a beast. If it were me, I’d probably go with the 375 so I could have bullets with a better BC just in case you had a longish shot.

    While I was in Idaho, I took many Elk with a 30-06 at ranges from 20-500 yds.

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