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      These are made from 1x fired 308 Mil brass. These have gone through 2 different sizing operations, 2 different lathe operations, and have been reamed to the point all you boolit users wont have a problem.

      These do take some time to make from 308 brass, almost as much when I make the 25 or 32Rem cases. These aren’t going to be what a person would call cheap, but these are about as perfect as a persons going to get.

      10/29/15….I’ve now added another machining operation so the extraction groove is to factory specs.

      Note: These are heavier cases, work your loads up and never start near max load data. And with proper care these should last a good long time.

      Here’s a link to the thread I wrote up on how I do these..…way&highlight=

      Reports are a 3-4% reduction on the powder charge, of what powder in particular I have no clue.

      These will have all the work done to them to the point you just load them up and go bang.

      These will be .60ea plus shipping

      U.S. Only

      Funds USPS money order or cash only

      USPS Shipping: $7 Small Flat Rate Box (Holds up to 200pcs) NOTE: On the SFRB…..200pcs is really packed and anything under that I add 1% extra, with 200pcs there are no extra pieces.

      Medium $13.75 (Holds up to 1.2K)

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      started using Grumpa 35 Rem brass two months ago in a Marlin 336, Rem81, and Rem 141. I will never buy commercial 35 Rem brass as long as he makes this. I sold all my 35 Rem brass on Gunbroker after using Grumpa’s brass

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