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      Finally decided to do something with this antique. Only needed a shell plate and Midway had them on sale for the LnL press, so here we go. Got everything prepped and went to check if the two bullets I have would chamber. Well it had been a while since I have pulled this thing out of the safe and wouldn’t you know it, the hammer wouldn’t stay back and it was pretty gummed up. Found a decent video on how to break it down, took a whole 5minutes! Don’t know why I haven’t did this sooner. This thing is rough, but hoping it should be good for low velocity cast loads.

      1) of course the barrel is pitted. can’t see rifling on muzzle end and pretty light through it but have seen worse MN’s. What’s the best method to clean the barrel up?
      2) have soaked the parts in my homemade Ed’s Red and cleaning up unicycle with tooth brush and brass bristle brush. I have noticed the metal is acutally cleaning up nicley with it. Can I use 00 steel wool and Ed’s to clean the outside of the barrel up?
      3) once I get all parts cleaned as best as possible should I just use gun oil and put a light coat on all surfaces?

      Planning on doing a chamber cast of both ends before putting back togeather.

      Thanks for any ideas and help,

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      ken campbell iowa
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      great project … and give the barrel a fair try … they usually shoot better than they look . i use 4X steel wool and light oil … hoppes9, ed’s red, on the outside of metal to clean up …;. but you can also safely use 4X steel wool and oil in the barrel … i wrap the wool around an undersized bronze brush . for cutting gunk, you can add some extra acetone to the ed’s red . wear gloves . good luck. ken

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