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      The Hornady manual #5 list a max load of h-4350 is 69.5 of . Hornady’s 10 edition list a max orh-4350 is 67.9. this is with a Hornady sst 180 gn bullet. hodgdon has a max or 67 with a 180 GR. SPR MT-SP. I was using number five manual and loaded up some round with 69.0 gns and now I have to pull them. I should put up my older manuals. I don’t know why I hate to pull bullets soo much.


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      Or work up the load and watch for pressure signs. There is a lot that can contribute to pressure. If you have a nice gentle throat, you’ll be able to run much hotter than another rifle with a more abrupt throat (just ask Roy Weatherby).

      I see the max charges float all over the place between manuals and I used to think there was no correlation, but as I go along, and pay attention to details, I find there’s a lot more logic to it than I originally thought.

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