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    These are made from 1x fired 30-30 brass. These get Hydroformed in order to bring the shoulder and gauge dimension to where they need to be, which eliminates the need to fire form the cases.

    These will be $1ea plus shipping when I get done with them (Kinda a shocker I know) when other folks get $1.50-$2ea plus shipping

    U.S. sales only

    Funds: VIA USPS money order or cash only.

    These are not all ready to go but get made up when there’s people that want them. Even at that with all I do expect to wait, I make these in between my other jobs. Also if anybody knows a good cheap source for 30-30 domestic brass just PM me.

    This is a picture of the 30-30 parent case along side the 25Rem case. Notice how the shoulder angle location is different as well as the location, theirs a .045 difference so a person doesn’t need to fire form.

    This is a picture of the 30Rem along side the 30-30 parent case, notice what the Hydroforming does.

    This is a picture of the 32Rem case next to the parent case.

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