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      A shooter opened fire at a southern California law firm Friday, killing one man and injuring another before fatally turning the gun on himself, police said.

      Police found the two men dead inside the law offices in Long Beach. A handgun was recovered at the scene.

      The shooter was an attorney who used to work at the firm, Long Beach City Councilman Al Austin, who was briefed by the police, told the Los Angeles Times.

      The gunman, who was not identified by police, was recently fired, reported the Orange County Register. He shot two senior partners of the firm Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin, Mendoza and Harrison, according to the newspaper.

      One of the partners who was shot was driven to a nearby hospital. He was in stable condition, according to Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia.

      Robert Garcia

      Have been briefed on shooting in law offices in North Long Beach. Appears to be a workplace homicide. Both the shooter and a victim are dead. One other person was shot but is in hospital in stable condition. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families LBPD will update.

      5:34 PM – Dec 29, 2017

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      The shooting occurred during an office holiday party, according to the OC Register. Video shows workers running out of the building during the mid-afternoon attack. Streets around the firm were soon blocked off as a SWAT team, fire trucks and ambulances rushed to the scene. No shots were fired by police.

      Basileus Zeno@BasileusZeno

      Apparently there is mass shooting inside the building. Saw 3 people rushing outside screaming “shooting inside”. Police blocked the area. Shooter still inside. Nothing is clear yet.#LongBeach #California #shooting

      4:14 PM – Dec 29, 2017

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      Long Beach Police Sgt. Brad Johnson characterized the shooting as “workplace violence.” He identified the dead men as employees. CBS2-TV of Los Angeles reported that the shooter ordered people out of the offices except for his two targets.

      Video of police briefing on the shooting at a Long Beach law office. Shooter and one victim dead. Another victim in serious condition at the hospital. Shooter appears to have killer himself.

      — Jeremiah Dobruck (@jeremiahdobruck) December 30, 2017

      Long Beach PD (CA)@LBPD

      UPDATE: Not an active shooter. This was a workplace violence incident, resulting in a homicide investigation, which remains ongoing.

      5:24 PM – Dec 29, 2017

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      Once again, a shooting in a place totally IMMERSED in anti gun, no CCW, culture.

      People are so foolish!!! Disarming the general public does not make people safer. It just ensures that a madman with a gun gets to be god for as long as possible. How many have to die before they wake up and fix the problem at it’s root.

      I would feel safest in a room with a random selection of Americans, (sane and crazy alike) if they were all armed with weapons of their choice. mutually assured destruction is a very sobering reality, and the truth is, there’s more sane people than insine (relatively speaking) so the bad elements get pinched off (or at least they should). Our culture is awash with pimples and warts. You simply cannot protect cancer cells as vehemently as you do healthy ones or the cancer cells will die with the healthy ones when your body fails. I see the country in the same way.

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