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Per the reports to Congress here are the facts ( I’m only covering registration):
From 1990’s to 2004 the fee was $600.00 annually
in 2004 it increased to $1750 annually more than doubled.
during the Obama years the fee increased to $2250

During the years 2001 to 2012 the state Department never reported the amount of registration fees collected.
The highest years of their budget (the State Department) 13.4 Million The concept per law and treaty was to collect enough money to run the operation.
Every secretary of state except Clinton reported the number of Gov’t employees and contractors. Only after Clinton left office did the State Department release the amount of money collected.There is more to this as well that I will not get into which does not favour Clinton nor Obama.
in 2013 the budget was 1.5 million with collecting 41 Million in registration and export fees. In 2014 again budget was the same 1.5 Million with 41 Million collected, 2015 the budget was 1.5 Million with 39 Million collected. My question is the intent was to be self sustaining soooo where is the excess 30 plus Million going to

Fact 1 ONLY Congress (Legislative Branch) has the legal right to collect Revenue.
Fact 2 The Executive Branch consist of The President, State Department and his Cabinet ie Department Homeland security, FBI, DoD, etcThey are allowed by Congress to only collect operation cost.
Fact 3 The Executive Branch has used this to circumvent law and curtail growth and to shut down businesses in the Arms trade which is where our components and toys come from. USC prohibits the Executive branch from collecting excessive fees which is called Revenue once it goes to the US Treasury Department.

Bottom Line Congress needs to address this by modifying the law that allows the Executive Branch to establishing and collecting the fees to a system of Congressional oversight or approval.
The excess monies collect for registration versus operating cost should be returned to those whom registered. This has been used by a anti-gun fraction to bankrupt the gun industry all because they cannot get the laws they desire past Congress and our legal system.

Once the Executive branch collected excess funds it became taxes this is unconstitutional per the constitution, remember only the Legislative branch (Congress) has the ability to raise Revenue. One could agrue the tax stamp that is collected on weapons of mass destruction that fee was established by LAW not Executive rulings, as such that fee ( Tax Stamp) has not risen since 1928.

This abuse of power and violation of the Constitution should enrage every gun owner, Military member, and citizen in America.

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