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"I respectfully disagree, but to each their own. " No problem Goodsteel that’s what makes horse races.
I would not include 1100’s, 1187’s or any other auto’s other than what I mentioned. I have shot skeet and sporting clays regularly since 1970 and have seen what works reliably and what doesn’t. The A5’s owned the skeet fields up to the 60’s and mine purchased in 1966 has over 90K rds through it. I had to replace the firing pin about 5 yrs ago. Forearm has cracked and been repaired but it functioned. The Beretta Auto’s are widespread in the sporting clays competitions at the highest levels where reliability is a must. The Benelli’s are used extensively in the South American dove fields where shooters fire many cases of ammo per day. When talking a combat weapon, the ability to move from target to target without having to manipulate a pump to me seems a definite positive. I certainly would not feel deficient in any way with a pump in a serious social situation but, given a choice would opt for the auto.

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