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Larry—-In post #8 you say:

Quote:— I then weight sort the remaining 70% +/- bullets that have passed the visual inspection. I weight the bullets and sort them into .1 gr increments. I do that because it gives me a “quality assurance” that that casting “lot” is producing quality bullets equal to other proven “lots” of the same bullet from the same mould of the same alloy. In the case of the 30 XCB cast of #2 alloy I find that—– most of the bullets will fall into the 180.0 – 185.5 gr range.—- Out of the 70% +/- that passed the visual inspection another 10 – 15% will be rejected because they mostly weigh less than 158.0 gr. A few (usually less than 10) will weigh more than 158.5 gr but those usually have a sprue that did not cut clean.

You refer to the “180.0—185.5 gr range” but from there on you refer to what appears to be a grain spread of from 158.0 to 158.5. I cannot seem to wrap my head around what seems to be a discrepancy of some kind. What am I missing/miss-reading?

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