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I’m thinking that a .15-.2 neck would be by far the easiest way get to a CF cartridge and the easiest to create a chamber for in a LR chamber of a magnum platform. (Psst I’m a mechanic not a machinist) . The most difficult part seems to be finding a cheap donor for the initial attempt.

The basics of the plan are that there doesn’t seem to be a 25 ACP rifle.
The case length of the 25 ACP and 22 LR are compatible.
The rim of the 22 mag and 25 ACP are compatible ( I’ve tried a 25 case in several LR bolts and they seem to fit )
As a semi rimmed the 25 ACP should be able to HS on the rim or the shoulder of fired brass .
The 25 ACP also operates at about the same pressures as the RFs in question.
It would cost 3-500 to have a “mini Mauser” type rifle rebarreled and the bolt fitted, the Contender family is beyond my grasp although I’m sure for $200 a 25 acp 16.5 barrel could be had . If I spend the money for 3 reamers ,rough,finish and sizer. I can have a dozen guns and die sets . If I go the way of a new rifle or rebarrel then an existing cartridge and platform is the best way to go . There’s no reason not to drop 2.5-3 gr of Unique in a 222 with a 35 gr bullet . The virtue of either the rework of a 22 x 25 ACP or a straight 25 ACP rifle is that we get 22 LR proformance in an available CF case and you can hand the kids 100 in a big pill bottle for $5. Plus the fun of a 22 cal that has so many bullets available.

I had considered a 5.7 FN but the lack of a bolt action bolt face is a detractor and such cases have been less than desirable in revolvers.

The last possibility for this exercise is of course a barrel liner for a break action 410 . Buy a long barrel blank, build a new extractor take an optimal length off a 24″ rifle bbl in 25 cal (because I’ll buy lots of 25 ACP factory ammo right ?) and use what’s left over for a revolver barrel. (As the image of a High Standard 25 ACP Buntline Special flashes through my mind)

In a Heritage 22 mag /LR convertible revolver all that is lost is the $ 50-75 22 LR cylinder and if a $50 yard sale 22 rifle doesn’t work out we know a guy that can set a 20″ barrel back to 18.5 and fix the chamber . Mechanically the FP is not really a problem.

There is the most recent version of the most remedial version of the scheme.

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