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Stevens made the Tip Up,s , the Favorites and the 44,s in 25 rimfire and all seemed to work very well as the cartridge was low pressure. If I am not mistaken the .25 rimfire was also made in other brands as well, would have to refer to Grants books for sure.

The 44 even the last versions were not strong enough to take the Hornet. It was a combination of flexing screws and the link lock up system that proved it,s undoing. Stevens even made the 44 in the Hornet for a very brief time but quickly withdrew it from the market as it just didn,t stand up. Fellow in town found one at a early gunshow years ago still in factory tight condition and it within 150 rounds shot itself loose to the point the lever would not stay up.
The 44 1/2 on the other hand is a bird of another story. Strong enough to take a 06 some say. Was successfully rebarreled during it day with up to the Improved Zipper and the R-2 both real pressure machines.

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