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A picture might help here. They made quite a few rifles in that caliber once upon a time. A number were of break open design.

The round itself in both the long and short version was actually quite successful and was a favorite of Elmer Keith, he spoke quite highly of it.
Now , long obsolete. both the rifles and shells are collectable. The last ammo I herd of was only in the form of a rumor that The Old Western Scrounger ( now owned by Val Forget Jr. ) had some made up either in South America or it might have been Mexico. I think the actual last production was made by Canuk in Canada.
The Stevens 44 rifles are being shot by replacing the breech block with a center fire breech block and reforming .22 Hornet cases. I have shot one of these and found it very accurate for being what it was.

Value, depends on what you have but do remember, at least in our neck of the woods these kind of rifles are getting a bit soft in value unless it has some outstanding attribute. Seems as at the moment more are interested in the AR,s and such.

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