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Sorry, I had a bunch of the details on my first post which got accidentally erased.
The Fat-30 bullet was a group buy many years ago. It drops around 190gns, lubed and with a hornady gascheck weigh 194gns. I did the autocad drawing and ran the group buy, but the details were a combined effort with input from several other guys. I believe that there was a fatter-30 also done later with similar dimensions, just larger OD. I did not run the group buy on that one. If anyone has a Fat-30 mold that they don’t want anymore, I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands 🙂
I had read about some other high velocity testing done with Win 748, that’s why I went with it. When the groups with win748 start to open up, I will probably try RL17 next and see if I can push things farther with it.
The range is 85 yds. That’s just the distance from the porch of my shop to the berm of my shooting range.
The rifle is a M98 Mauser commercial sporter in 30-06 with a Timney trigger.

Why any of this is working at 2500fps is probably just pure luck, but I’m going to push it and see just how far I can go.

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