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Observation can tell you a lot.
And I do use observation while sizing to help me, sizes too easily, pull it out and check the size to make sure I am not too undersize.
Sizes way to hard, time to check and make sure I didn’t cast way oversize.

But should you spec your sizing die?

Simple WAG or slug the barrel and measure?

Also with mics I can QC my bullets as soon as they cool down, while taking a quick break from casting.
I will not leave a molten pot of lead unattended, so taking the bullets inside to check them with a sizer is out of the question,
I would rather be able to spot check my process quickly and easily and be able to correct it on the fly (did a working mold get crud on it causing issues that a quick cleaning can fix).
I get very, very limited casting time, making the most of it is important to me.

And how do you QC your sizing dies?

They can be out of spec, as can any tool.
So if I get undersized bullets, and run them through an undersize sizing die they can look fine but still be out of ‘spec’ and lead to issues.

I guess I just need at least some point of reference in my system from which to work from.
Which would then bring up the issue of measurement tool calibration.

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