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Last year a friend gave me a Marlin .30-30 as a box of parts.Missing lever and mag tube and busted buttstock…He loaned me his own 336 so I could make copy of lever and buttstock..I put target sights on it and then took it to a silhouette match where I shot very poorly..I used up $200.00 worth of Walmart ammo sighting in and shooting 2 matches and went home both times with my tail between my legs…Guess my opinion of .30-30 isn’t as enthusiastic as the rest of you’all..I have parts to assemble a Marlin 1893 as a .30-30 and have decided I rather just use my Rossi .357 magnum as I had no trouble knocking down the 50 pound rams at 200 yards with it. I am just not going to warm up to .30-30s..

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