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I’m just the gunsmith.
I want to make my mark in the world of casting and HV looked like a frontier ripe for the picking.
I still don’t consider myself set in any camp. I’ll build for anybody in any configuration.
However, I do believe Larry has demonstrated the fastest and cheapest method for true HV shooting that has ever been proven by several shooters.
Using the correct twist rate for the length of the bullet is just plug and play.
I challenge anyone to just plug the physical information about your cast bullet (particularly the length) into the Berger bullets twist calculator, and turn the crank.
Pick a twist that puts your SG value low in the “comfortably stable” area just above 1.5. This applies to jacketed bullets or cast bullets equally.

If I had the wherewithal to do it, I would barrel my 300winmag with a 1-8 twist and shoot heavy 200 grain jacketed target bullets out of it at high velocity. I think the results would be atrocious, but that’s exactly what is being done when attempting to shoot cast from barrels that are twisted for jacketed. The bullets are just inherently SHORTER than jacketed……..by a shocking margin.

Now, that said, just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done if everything is just perfect, and I would like to see someone succeed this way, and do so well enough to get pictures and run a few tests to establish an order of priority, and a logical path to success with cast at high RPM, and I am still willing to support anyone who claims they can do it or has the inclination to try.

While I’m on the subject, I suppose it would be wise to define what I mean by HV. After all, you have to have a goal, otherwise, you can stay lost in the soup forever and anybody can grade their success on a curve.
My definition of HV IS AS FOLLOWS:
Speed: 2500-3000 average speed as measured over a chronograph.
No less than 10 shots in a group with one permissible flier for a total of 11 at all ranges.
Accuracy: No less than 2.5 MOA out to 200 yards.
Repeatability: at least three range sessions in a row
Documentation: posted pictures of the WHOLE group/targets. The good the bad and the ugly. Bjornb has demonstrated this method of posting targets again and again, and there’s not a person on the planet that would doubt his word when he claims to shoot HV to a certain standard. Posting groups is the only way to gain credabity online. One group could be faked, but 6 months of groups followed by a second witness is reasonable and irrefutable.

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