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bjornb;n816 wrote: I started shooting cast bullets in my rifles about 4 years ago, after joining TBF (The Big Forum). Shortly thereafter I started reading posts by Larry and others, debating the RPM threshold and other concepts regarding HV shooting with cast. Not being much of a debater, I started experimenting with some HV loads on my own, and it soon became very clear that the slower the twist, the more accurate a given rifle would shoot at a higher velocity.

Fast forward a few months, and I was able to buy an old target rifle (Bertha) from a forum member. The rifle was chambered in 30-338 Magnum, but I quickly got that changed by Goodsteel, as he had recently taken delivery of the 30XCB reamer. The most important detail with this rifle was its 1:14 twist; and it was soon able to shoot the new 30XCB bullet at speeds above 2700 fps with decent accuracy. Some loads hovered right around MOA.

When Larry took delivery of DAWN (gee Larry, what’s DAWN short for?), his shooting just confirmed further the validity of the RPMTH.

At the same time, both Larry and myself have shot faster twist rifles well in excess of the RPMTH, but it requires careful loading and there will always come a point where accuracy falls off.

I sure hope we can continue to explore cast bullet HV shooting on this forum; I just got back a hollow-pointed 35XCB mould from Erik Ohlen, that I’ll be shooting in a 35 Whelen bench rifle (Bertha in a new dress), with a barrel that’s been bored by JES, in 1:18 twist.

Bertha!!! I believe I recognize that one! 🙂 Can’t wait to see some pics of Bertha in a new dress!!!!

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