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bjornb;n816 wrote: ……..At the same time, both Larry and myself have shot faster twist rifles well in excess of the RPMTH, but it requires careful loading and there will always come a point where accuracy falls off. …..

Very true Bjornb the faster twist are extremely more challenging.
Casting methods and complete HANDLOADING not RELOADING techniques must be adhered to in order to shoot HV reguardless of twist.
Reloading is just repeating a recipe, basically the differance between a Chef (handloader) and a short order cook (reloader).

The easier way in my experiance is to use a slower twist than the normal 1-10″. A lot of the folks that argue with Larry (and his minions according to some, that being Bjorn, Goodsteel, and I or anybody else that agrees with Larry) on this message look at what they recommend for a bullet they jump to the 210-220 grs and claim High Velocity. It is the shooters choice I nor anyone is saying you can’t do HV with acceptable accuracy with a fast factory twist but it is extremely hard to get repeatability and linear accuracy. Not impossiable but just harder, which I must say Lars45 (Glenn) is doing quite well with his ten twist rifle.

The ten twist 30 caliber 30-03 Government cartridge was orginally designed for the weight that the naysayers proclaim, or should I say length of bullet which is a 220gr round nose flat base the exact one used for the 30 U.S. Army (aka 30-40 Krag). In the 1903 Springfield as well as carried over to the M1 Garand because with the 150 grain spitzer bullet that was designed circa 1906 (hence the caliber 30-06) the ten twist was found to be “acceptable” accuracy (acceptance for a new M1 Garand was 5.6 MOA check here http://www.nicolausassociates.com/PDF/M1Target.pdf, the 1903A4 was aprox 2-3 MOA that is jacketed loads not cast). The actual best twist for the 30 caliber 1906 cartridge is 1-12″ this was corrected with the new caliber 7.62x51mm NATO round in the M14 which is twisted at 1-12″. The M1 Carbine which has a quite a bit shorter and less weight bullet is twisted at 1-16″.

My post is not to yell across the internet at anybody else, or argue, but rather to share my experiance so far with those here. It is up to ya’ll to accept or reject my writing ( I strongly suspect Larry, Bjorn, and Goodsteel will echo that comment) it’s your choice I’m not forcing the issue. Like Love Life recommends test it for yourself.. don’t take mine, Bjornb, Larry’s, or anybody else’s word for it try it for yourself.
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