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Laugh if you like but I’ve employed a simple 100 plus year old 9″ bullet level I was given by my grandfather long ago. Here’s the method I devised when I was a working gunsmith.

1. Place rifle with scope rings installed in a padded device to hold it vertically.
2. Remove top of rings and place a small level on the flats of the rings.
3. Level rifle in padded device.
4. Set scope on lowest setting (if possible ) and place it in rings and attach top of rings but not tight.
5. At a distance that can be seen, suspended a weighted string from ceiling with a pushpin in a manner so the string hangs in front of rifle.
6. Adjust scope until vertical of crosshairs and string are in line.
7. Tighten scope rings slowly and equally.

Now I know this sounds primitive as can be but the string hangs 100% vertical like a plumb bob. The weapon is, or should be, level in the cradle. Ain’t rocket science, just simple basis engineering. Takes about 10 minutes, including string alignment time.

So, that’s the way I set up countless number of customers when I worked on their weapons. That mounting technique, and a fast boresighting cost them a minor fee, but they were always on paper and the rifle with scope were inline when they went to zero the weapon.
And ya’ll got this for free!:)

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