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bjornb;n7018 wrote:
Oldblinddog: I sure wish I could throw all my scopes out the window and buy a caseful of top-flight Leupolds, but that’s not an option and I currently own about 20 scopes ranging from the lowly BSA (my 36×42 target scope is holding up well on a little Mossberg in 6×45) to several Zeiss scopes and even an Unertl 10-power.

Well, I’m not suggesting that you should. I am only saying that I look there first to see if I can find what I need. As mentioned in another thread, I own two T36 scopes and I am, or would be, happy with a steel tube K2.5 Weaver if I could get it. My scopes are not the most expensive Leupolds. They are VX2 or VX1 scopes. Some have been sent back to the custom shop for modifications. None has ever failed. Maybe I’m just lucky. I seem to be lucky with Remington 700’s as well.

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