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Then I can fidget with powders and primers and cases and alloys and and and……

But very few have an interest in the suggested dimensions I would follow ,so it’s back to a standard that will feed in a no throat sloppy highpoint that will take a 454 at just over maximum 45 ACP. What I really want won’t fit in the rifle and would just be the cream de LA cream in the Smith and the Colts alas the perfect solution and demands of grab a can and get in the truck collide but you have the gears grinding and where the gears meet the output shaft there’s rubber close at hand .

I may have explored it before but a 453426 held to 230 might be the solution if a 454424 can’t be reduced from the base to 230 .
I guess I could try it in zinc….or not. 🙂 .
I found a box of 230 RN commercial too hard to do much else with so off to the races.

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