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I think a good comparrison here would be a fellow i met at a range back when shooting tiny groups was a new novelty to me.Had no idea how good a shot I was until I got hold of one the Savage heavy barreled rifles and wow…….but I digress.This fellow sits a few stalls down from me and takes this Buzz Lightyear looking rifle out a case and sets up.Few shots later I start hearing these s**t…..F**k…..ssss@$%%^&*@*.We get a cease fire and I wander over to check out his set up.Nice…Sako….seems like he said $1100 just for the rifle and don’t even remember about the scope.Anyhow…he’s upset his high dollar wizbanger don’t shoot one hole groups as advertised.He allows me to check his scope and mounts to see of they’re tight and whatnot(of course he has no tools).Everything looks fine and I suggest he let me watch him shoot…perhaps his technique could use work.Saw lots of folk with no clue how to use the sand bags.OK…..pulls out his ammo and oh my gosh……its the cheapest mil-surp ammo you can find.I had a box of factory stuff that shot ok in my rifle so I bring that over and let him try it.About a 1″ group at 100 yards….really good compared to what he was getting.He even listened as I explained how every gun has preferences for ammo and such.Hope he took it to heart.Moral to the story though….if you want high quality…you must use high quality components….ALL components…. Won’t even get into the yahoos that came out and needed the range officer to zero their new matching 7mmMags for them.Only hope they don’t even hunt in the same county as me

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