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I have a sure fire solution to your problem. Just pack it up in a box and send it to me. No one will ever suspect you’re carrying it ever again. LOL!

On a serious note:
Never forget that people see what they want to see. I’ll bet you could strap that puppy on your hip with no concealment whatsoever, and take a stroll through the grocery store and half the people who see you wouldn’t even notice. Concealment is all about hiding it enough to let people believe what they want. Best thing you can do is dress nicely so it’s easy for people to stereotype you as a “good guy” at a glance.
I remember once I was in the store and I needed to reach something on the top shelf. When I reached for it, my shirt rode up and exposed my sidearm. I put the item in the cart and noticed a fellow in my peripheral vision who had seen my gun. His actions were typical. In a matter of seconds he looked me up and down, decided I was not a threat, then decided he might have been mistaken about what he had seen. He just put his head down and kept shopping.
I learned several things from that situation, not the least of which was to not reach with my right.

I am of the opinion that a nice IWB holster is worth the money. You want something comfortable, wear a shirt over it, and call it a day. If you get the chance to buy an Officer’s length 1911, I highly recommend.
The holster that Sarge posted is the cats meow. Notice the thumb snap covers the hammer so carrying cocked and locked has one more measure of safety. DeSantis makes fantastic gun leather for a very reasonable price.

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