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Okay, think I got figured out………best fighting shotgun ..the one you have at hand when pure unadulterated righteous warrior violence is called for. In the Corps I did some time at an embassy and lots in nasty places, the win trench gun still did yomans service. The 870 I just did the “Wilson steal ” treatment to, without sending it to Wilson with the XS sights counter bored cylinder barrel, bed liner paint job on stock, over sized saftey and mag tube extension shows promise, runs good hits where you aim. My go to though is my mossberg 500, have 4 barrels for it now. I was the first gun I bought with my own money from running a trap line as a kid, 11 or 12. It’s been used as a boat paddle, broke ice out off a duck blind, taken deer pig, Turkey, quail, partridge, grouse, rabbit squirrels, fox, duck, geese, woodchuck skunks, broken clays. After 30 something years and some face lifts it’s had thousands of full power rounds down the tube and the only trouble I ever had was once the saftey broke, a little burr wouldn’t let you put it on safe without an harbor press! So with its riot barrel and some 00 or 000 buck I’d feel confident with this old familiar friend.

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